This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach had headlines and emerging talents abound. The annual fair brings all of the major galleries and players in the art world to the beaches of Miami. A celebration of art and culture always bringing the celebrities, parties, and of course lots of art. This year we saw a return to painting. Over the past few years we’ve seen an influx of digital work and neon. Pixels and lights ruled, but this year the trend was the return of paintings. Emerging artists like Chloe Wise, Amoako Boafo, and Allison Suzkerman stood out. Work from George Condo and Kusama were also some of our favorites. But it was a humble banana that was all the talk at this years show.

If you’ve had the opportunity to check out this years edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, there is no doubt that you’ve come across the now infamous work of Maurizio Cattelan ‘Comedian.’ A banana taped to the wall with duct tape. Scores of onlookers crowd around to have the opportunity to take a selfie with the banana. To many this might seem like a ridiculous charade and just another example of how the art world has gone off the edge. To others it’s a serious discussion of the human impact on nature. The humble banana held down by a man made object until it dies. The work showcased at Art Basel is one of an edition of three. That’s right, there are a total of three bananas. The first question many of you will ask is, “what happens when the banana rots?” The banana can be changed as needed. “So, people are buying this?” Yes, so far two of the three have been sold for a price of $120,000. Gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin told the Miami Herald: “I’m in serious discussion with a very important collector to buy it. His reaction was very positive.” Wherever you stand on the debate, is this art or not? There is no doubt it’s a moment we are sure not to forget any time soon.


We’ve compiled a few photos of some of our favorite works. Enjoy!