A figure of the New York 1980s art scene, George Condo was instrumental in bringing about attention to the growing interest in art at that time. He met Jean- Michel Basquiat when his band opened for Basquiat’s band “Gray” at a New York night club. Condo, along with artists like Keith Haring became a new breed of artists that would go on to influence a whole new generation that followed.


"Nothing I like to do more than working out these compositions."


George Condo



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Born in Concord, New Hampshire in 1957, George Condo is a musician. Well let's take a step back. Yes, he did study Music Theory and Art History at the University of Massachusetts, and began pursuing a music career before turning to his passion of painting and becoming one of the most successful contemporary visual artists of our time. It is his distorted portraits and colorful abstract compositions have been compared to Picasso, Velazquez, and Goya, that continue to surprise us with every twisted and deformed facial feature. But don’t let those comparison’s fool you, George Condo has paved his own way and is now a powerhouse in the world of art.




Condo’s work consists of colorful distorted portraits he describes as “psychological cubism.” He mixes a set of emotions into one face, the outcome, scary yet funny facial expressions you can’t take your eyes away from. An art historian in his own right, Condo takes characteristics from artists like Diego Velazquez and Francisco Goya, the old masters, and turns those techniques into his own. Throughout his career, Condo’s work has been influential to contemporary writers like Burroughs, Guattari, Demosthenes, and others.




In 2010, Condo collaborated with Kanye West for the set of paintings that would become the cover of “My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy,” along with the covers for singles like Runaway, Power and Gorgeous.


George Condo’s work has been exhibited extensively in the US, Europe and Asia, including exhibitions in prestigious museums like The Whitney, MOMA and The Met. His works of art art part of celebrated private collections in the mentioned museums along with others like the Broad Collection in Los Angeles. He is one of the most sought after artist for speaking engagements and continues to mesmerize us with his works that makes us question our own internal struggles, fears, happiness, and self exploration.



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