The Monaco was not only stylish and unquestionably cool, it was also quite innovative with two industry firsts. From a design perspective, it was the first squared chronograph design. The square peg in a round hole world, if you will. And from a durability perspective, it was the first water-resistant square timepiece. Created in 1969 in a partnership between Heuer, Buren, Dubois Depraz and Breitling, the watch was first released in two colors - blue and gray- and a 40mm x 38mm case (now 39mm x 39mm). Interestingly, the watch was not originally designed to be a motorsports watch, but once McQueen wore the watch in “Le Mans,” it quickly became a staple in every race watch collection.



By: JC Rodriguez





When it comes to recognizable watches of the 20th century, one is sure to stand out, not only for its shape but for its connection to one of the biggest movie stars of all time and “man crush” king, Steve McQueen. That watch is the Tag Heuer Monaco. While it was first made famous by McQueen when he used it in the film “Le Mans,” decades later, the Monaco still garners the same level of attention for evoking that understated, McQueen cool. McQueen and the Monaco are synonyms in many ways, both are badasses in their own way, both showed a defiance of authority and both made up their own rules.

The Tag Heuer Monaco is an iconic timepiece with a decades-long connection to the racing world. Along with the Monza, the blue-faced watch is still one of the most popular racing watches in the Tag Heuer family. The watch comes with a sapphire crystal, a Caliber 11 movement and black perforated calfskin strap. The steel folding clasp with safety button and Heuer logo gives the watch a classy touch. Large visible chronos allow you to check your time around the track at top speeds.


There is no denying the appeal of the Monaco. With its rich history and connection to the “King of Cool,” the Monaco will forever be a watch that commands respect. One that people can’t help but notice. It’s the type of watch people see on your wrist and say, “that guy knows what’s up.”

The price of the Monaco is $5,900 and you can buy here.



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