"I want my art to reconnect people with themselves and to bring them closer to their core nature by believing in the magic of our own abilities, connection to a higher source/power. "

 - Hoff


For Irene Hoff, life is all about collecting stories, experiences, insights and inspiring the world to see what really matters. She does this by: taking on life adventures, small and big, doing the things she fears the most; by dreaming big and realizing her dreams such as getting Leonardo DiCaprio’s signature on one of her animal-art which she subsequently donated to ‘race animal extinction’; and last but not least, by making beautiful and alluring art.

Irene Hoff's layered, colorful, and detailed paintings can't help but capture our attention. Compositions of women and nature bring wonder and descriptive images of her subject matters. She hopes to bring awareness to our own selves. Living a balanced life feeling good, inspired, loved, healthy, open, and sensitive to all things and people that surround us. We couldn't agree more. We had the opportunity to ask Irene Hoff about her work, inspirations, and influences. Enjoy!

What is your earliest memory of art?

I do not really have an early memory, I was not interested in art as such, but I was interested in drawing, because it made me relax and escape the world for bit.


Who are some of the artists that have influenced your work?

I love the work of Louis Boudreault, he portraits famous people using images from their childhood. I love the style and the simplicity of his artwork. Another artist I adore is Spanish artists Lita Cabellut, she works on large-scale canvasses creating portraits of street dwellers, prostitutes, religious people, historical figures, fictional characters and influential people.

Are we born with creativity or is it learned?

We are all born as creative beings. It is more a matter of how you define creativity, as to me there are many aspects to being creative. Creativity to me is an energy flow that is available to all of us, it is just a matter of tapping into it and trust it. It the magic sauce to life, that what makes you come out of bed.

We are all naturally born with this ability, human beings are creators!

What are some of the subject matters that you like to touch on with your work?

I work mostly with woman as central object, they are hidden behind layers of paint and paper. Sometimes you get to see an eye. The mouth is most of the time visible. My new series in that range is called Inner Totem in which I portray women with colorful headpieces, depicting their inner worlds.

Reposing like cocoons, they safeguard against outside disruptions. To me they radiate a deep, serene and calming feeling because they work from the inside out, which is the space where all the possibilities are. Next to that I love to paint animals. I feel they represent powers and attitudes we love to tap in to more as human being. They seem to do everything natural and using their inborn instinct, something we humans are often lacking because the mind takes over. Animals are also fun to work with because they can have a childlike attractive energy as well as a very wise and strong radiation, almost feeling like they have the ability to guide and support us. Lately, animals also show up on the head pieces of the Inner Totem series, mix and match.

What was the last thing you saw that really inspired you to create?

What inspires the most is seeing the struggle of people and the imbalance of the world. I feel we need to create more space for vulnerability, creativity, intuition, compassion, for our true nature. We need to slow down and tune in with ourselves, create awareness of what it is we are doing and if it is still serving us or if it is destructive and thus time to let go and make different choices. We need to get more clarity on what feminine power is, what it looks like for our daily activities for man as well as woman. It is a part of who we all are and it needs to take space in this unbalanced world where we are losing it against environmental issues. It is time to wake up.


If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Irene Hoff, Leonardo da Vinci, and Gandhi, one team.


What do you want to accomplish with your art?

I want my art to reconnect people with themselves and to bring them closer to their core nature by believing in the magic of our own abilities, connection to a higher source/power. My art aims at encouraging and moving people in reclaiming their power, overcoming their limiting beliefs and discovering their talents, so they can move towards their unique purpose. A more balanced life where people are joyful and have space for themselves and thus for others, so we can elevating the world to a next level where things are in harmony.


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