"You can’t make inspiration happen. Ideas come on their own and you have to bank them when they do. " - IRONY



How did you get starting creating art

I had insomnia as a kid. I was up all night with nothing to do but walk around. That’s when I started seeing pieces people were painting on the street. I liked art, but being a regular artist looked really boring to me. Too much sitting down indoors. But what these guys were doing up on roofs and stuff blew my mind.


So I racked a few tins and just sort of started painting.


Where do you go to be inspired to create?

I still like walking around the city.



What's the best advice you ever received?

My Grandad told me on his deathbed; you got to keep your arms in tight, get inside their guard and punch up under their chin so they never see it coming. I was 5.

What elements do you look for in considering work good?

If it’s from the heart it’s good. I once saw a dragon painted on a bus shelter in a bunch of clashing colours.


Technically, the worst piece I ever saw, but you could tell how epic it must have been in the artists head and that they couldn’t care less if they were good enough. They just had to get that piece out there. That’s good art.




What's your favorite color?

 Molotow, Antique Pink. I want them to name it after me.

If you could ask any artist dead or alive one question who would it be and what?

I’d ask Banksy for his pin number.

What are you looking to communicate with your work?

Nothing is perfect, life is fucked up sometimes but you can still have a little fun.

Do you wait for inspiration or work to find it?

You can’t make inspiration happen. Ideas come on their own and you have to bank them when they do. I’ve got ideas written on train tickets and gig flyers saved from my days of dead-end jobs waiting for when I need them. If you hang onto the ideas you do have you’ll never be uninspired.


We are giving you an open platform, what do you want to tell the people out there?

Always give “no comment” in police interviews.