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Hello Bauhaus


11. 22. 2022

Text By: Nanzuka

November 19th - December 5, 2022

Tokyo, Japan

NANZUKA will present its curation of British artist James Jarvis’s solo exhibition, “Hello Bauhaus” at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO. Born in 1970, James Jarvis is an illustrator and artist who bases his practice in London, U.K. His distinctive style has gained wide recognition and acclaim internationally through various collaborations including the likes of Amos, NIKE, Uniqlo, and IKEA. Jarvis’ innovative and pioneering means of expression that combine cartoon-style illustrations and original character figures is indeed noteworthy considering today’s constantly transforming and expanding context of contemporary art.


From philosophical thinking to various languages, history, social issues, popular culture, art, architecture, and even skateboarding, Jarvis’ characters that draw inspiration from such interests, despite being extremely simple in their nature, present themselves as eloquent, comical, and ironical reflections of ourselves.

For more images and INFORMATION CLICK HERE.


TEXT: Nanzuka

ILLUSTRATION / Photos: James Jarvis


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