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"we already have amazing super powers that are ready to be unlocked if we just believe and put some faith into our true self."

In his paintings, Fauves engages questions of identity as they relate to art history, as well as our everyday interactions with mainstream culture and social media. Greatly inspired by modernist masters as well as pop-artists, Fauves mixes fragments of different iconic images in vivid and colorful compositions. Fauves’ paintings take on a disorienting effect due to his technique of layering, cutting out, and collaging elements of pop-cultural images to a point where they become, not unrecognizable, but perversions of the familiar that ask the viewer to question what they think they know.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

We all have superpowers that have been suppressed by growing in a system that surrounds us with developing our talents for our own EGO and material achievements. I believe that if we all shift our daily habits into connecting with our spirt, which is an extension of the universe, we would be putting in use the most amazing super powers ever. There are stories from monks in monasteries that from some deep mediations are able to be in different places at the same time or been around  the most dangerous animals and have them be in peace. My point is that we already have amazing super powers that are ready to be unlocked if we just believe and put some faith into our true self. So, if I had the knowledge to unlock my own superpower it would be to have that spiritual awakening that lies within all of us and use it to raise the vibration of others so that they can unlock their own divinity, we are all majestic powerful beings that just have to believe in our true nature.


How important is it to be fearless when creating and does vulnerability come into play with that?

It’s very important since it’s a way of life, to be fearless opens the door for you to get out of the society standards and find your own unique creations. We are all surrounded by fear it’s almost as if is in our DNA and we are bombarded with this fear in school and how to be part of the system, fear of God (when it’s the other way around) fear in the media of the stock exchange or the Coronavirus etc. What I mean with this point is that fear is a obstacle for us to unlock our true superpowers and to be avant-garde in your creations. To be fearless doesn’t mean to be wreck-less it means to have faith in yourself and what you are doing even if nobody supports you. You have to keep going if it is what you feel is right for you. To name just one of hundreds of stories with different life experiences Van Gogh was never accepted but he was true and fearless regarding what he thought was Art which is now one the biggest influencers in the Art world, but never understood in his time in other words he was ahead of his time. That’s what we have to be ahead of time to bring to earth new visions and materializations from the universe. Vulnerability is essential because it’s a very powerful tool once you trust in yourself your vulnerability becomes your teacher and your strength.


If you could collaborate with any other artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I like all kinds of artists and have a lot of respect for all of them. But as if for choosing one it would be Van Gogh. I feel that what people call crazy is actually people that are misunderstood by their genius. I value the sacrifice he made through his life. The pain he went through to create the masterpieces he created. How he used that pain to materialize and change the art world forever. Sometimes I resonate with his pain. I used to be in a very dark place in the past with drugs and substance abuse and felt that art was my only door of communication through those dark moments. I could say maybe that art saved my life because it was the only thing I could hold on to when I was in a space. So besides my enormous respect for his art and inspiration, I feel that his own personal life resonates with my journey.​


Your painting is very expressive and full or character, is it representative of who you are?

Yes, I believe that we are just channels of information we tune in into this frequency that’s universal and from there we download the information to create or manifest what we feel. My life has most definitely been an amazing experience with a lot of pain from my years of addiction which brought me close to death. I say it was amazing now because I grew from this experience I learned that pain can be your teacher and that we must be grateful for the small things in life. Just for waking up every morning it’s the biggest gift ever and we have to be in that gratitude state always.

If it wasn’t for my past and pain I would not see my life which such love and simple I used to be consumed by fear of people’s opinions and had and EGO that governed me daily. Also, I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience not human beings having a spiritual experience. So, I try to reflect that in my art. That expression and the disfiguration of the face is for me a representation of our personality traits and how we get attached to all this ideas of power from material stuff in this world.


I’m having a Solo Show in May 12 at Guy Hepner Gallery called “Halo”.  Its main theme is this disfiguration of self how sometimes we misunderstand life experiences as bad when they are good. Take for example Depression I see it as a DEEP – REST. Meaning it can be something good for you since you are preparing yourself entering another stage of your life in spiritual evolution. The Halo represents the light within you that no matter what moment of your life you are going through you are always in the right place you just have to trust the process and emerge into a new self, leaving behind old traumas or ideas of self.


Who is the one artist that you’d love to collaborate with?

Well I said Van Gogh before if I had to include another one of the many I like it to be Basquiat. 

Where is the best place to see art and be inspired?

Within yourself, there is inspiration in every corner of the world. Anything can surprise you into a new source of inspiration fro some trash you saw on the street or going to a museum. The thing is that you have to be in the right mood or frequency to feel that inspiration which comes from In-Spirit. So, you have to be in balance with your spirit to understand what the universe is telling you. There is another dimension or languages we have to translate into materializations of emotions and to reach that place you have to be in the right frequency. I used to think that the more drugs I used the better and more expressive art I would create, but it didn't help to find my way into my spirit. Staying sober meditating daily and most important practicing gratefulness every day.


Is creativity taught?

Well it's within all of us and it's also out there in the universe. Some of us are more sensitive to it than others. But I do think that everyone can learn how to be In-Spirit and find that harmony with self and manifest all kinds of new creativity.

What elements do you look for in your work to consider it good and ready?

My art teacher would always tell me that I had to learn when to stop. Sometimes you want to keep going and you realize you changed the piece completely, sometimes for the best and worst. But honestly there is never the worst or best in just in an experience and resilience will eventually take any piece you are making to its final point. It's about enjoying the journey and not the destination. So basically, when I feel happy about a final result of a piece I could consider it ready. I have to go to that balance of finding that in-spirit closure moment.


What do you want to accomplish with your work?

Well my main goal is to touch people's souls. I would like people to understand that they are much more than a body and a name status or a degree. The portraits in disfiguration with cartoons and other elements are a straight representation that a lot of things go through your brain but you are not those things. Sometimes we embody our thoughts and give them too much power. I would like people to understand they are much more that a beautiful face and for them to introspect into the realm from with themselves which is a whole universe. One of the main reason I use a mask in this, I'm not Fauves, I'm not a face, I'm a soul inside a body working my way in understanding the language of the universe and my life journey.


Favorite color?

Like them all but do have a romance with Black and White.