By: Michael Gonzalez  

An artist that is not interested in celebrity, but the raw emotion behind the individual. Juergen Teller’s unique approach to photography sets him apart in the world of fashion. Over-exposed imagery with a starkness and unwavering focus on reality. A quality that leaves his subjects opening up and trusting Teller to fulfill his vision. A stillness that shines the truth and looks past the glamorous world of fashion and celebrity has made Teller one of the most sought after and successful photographers of our time.

The Breakthrough

In 1996 Teller shot the cover for Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, a cover featuring a nude picture of model Kristen McMenamy in the nude with Versace painted on her bear chest. The photograph gained Teller wide recognition in the fashion world. Since the mid 90s, Teller's photography has been featured in publications like American, Italian, French and British Vogue, The Face, W, 032c, I-D, Purple, and many others. His raw approach to photography has led him to collaborate with brands like Celine, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang, and was the photographer for all Marc Jacobs campaigns from 1998 until 2014. 



Rebellious Traits


Teller has always maintained a reputation of being a rebellious photographer that doesn't answer to the whims of his fashion clients. He shoots campaigns in his signature style and doesn't compromise his art for any brand. His approach is founded from a previous stint as a photographer for album covers. Bringing rock and roll to the fashion world, Teller is not interested in making things pretty. Often posing naked in his photography, Teller is only interested in the truth. It is this truth thats led scores of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Emma Stone, Rihanna, Kate Moss, and more recently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to trust his vision and give him artistic freedom.

Blurred Lines: Commercial vs. Personal


Teller was born in Erlangen, Germany in 1964. Considered one of the most important photographers of his generation, Teller has been able to navigate both the commercial world of fashion and art. He blurs the lines of his commercial and personal work as only the best photographers can. With many accolades to his name, he continues to show his work with exhibits all over the world and is collected by many public and private art collectors.