Visual Artist

Los Angeles, CA

"Cutting out parts of one reality and making it into another has always been really rewarding to me! There's something fund about splicing reality and making something new."


There is something about collage work that draws us in. You can create a new world as you imaged and have the viewer, even if just for a few seconds live in it. Creativity in constructing something new from different pieces that combine in harmony. Many renown artists like John Stezaker, to the "combines" of the 1950s from Robert Rauschenberg, have worked on collages. Collages require the imagination and Natasha Chomko has plenty to spare.


Chomko is the creative force behind the popular Instagram profile @postwook. A collection of surrealism art projects that transports us to another world. We asked Chomko about her work, her inspirations and why she loves working on this medium. 

Tell the people who you are?

My name is Natasha Chomko. I'm a 24 year old artist from Los Angeles, California. I've been working with the POST WOOK creative project for about a year now. I feel like I've always been an artist, but it never really came to fruition until recently.

What's your earliest art memory?

I've never been able to to draw or paint very well, so for a long time I didn't consider myself an 'artist.' I've always found a lot of release in collage but never considered it an art form, but the more I dig back into my childhood, I can always see if was my preferred medium and I can almost laugh now at how collage art has manifested into my present life.

What inspires you about being an artist?

There are so many aspect I love about being an artist. I love looking back at something I made and think 'wow, I made that!' Constantly challenging myself to unlock a new level in my design process. I love seeing how many people I've inspired. 


Why Collages?

Cutting out parts of one reality and making it into another has always been really rewarding to me! There's something fund about splicing reality and making something new. It took me some years to hone in a style, but I really feel grateful that I'm so locked into what I'm doing now. It's now forced; it flows. It's very much what I want to be making. I love working with optical illusions, beaches, mountains, clouds, and flowers. Those are definitely mainstays of my work.

Are there other artists that you look at for inspiration?

I don't look at other people's work for inspiration, and I don't think artists should. The subconscious is a tricky thing and looking at other people's art can be dangerous. I usually get inspiration from driving, things I see in dreams/when I'm half asleep, in meditation, or from past experiences.




Who are some artists that you admire?

I admire a ton of homies. My dear friend Nick Scotella has been a major rock for me in this whole process and I'm grateful for that. My friends Ally Grimm and Sage Davis have also been guiding forces for me. All of the fellow parter artists on Artgrab are also super motivating as well. I'm grateful to have a solid circle of artist homies who I can bounce questions off of, give advice, support, and feel supported by. It's been really awesome.

a conversation with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

I'd probably want to talk to Dali. Just ask him, "bro, why did you think like this?" As a fellow surrealist artist, it's always interesting to pick someones brain and see what drives them. I've hit a point of artist maturity where I find that super dope and that's about it.

What was the last thing you saw that inspired you to create?

The last thing that inspired me to create was actually pretty interesting. I was driving home and I turned onto the highway and this super bright waxing gibbous moon popped up out of nowhere as I was listening to music and the timing of it all was so divine. I'm grateful for that. That experience inspired me to make a recent piece of mine, "Lift Me Up To The Stars, We Are Going Home, 2019."

Images by Natasha Chomko

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