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By: JC Rodriguez

It's Saturday night and the last night for the all immersive experience known as RAW POP UP, a multi sensory Art Experience. We make our way Downtown Miami, an area often overlooked and discarded by the glitz and glam the city has to offer. Where do we go? To an abandoned retail store. Entering the building by climbing wooden crates in the shipping dock. A sense of uneasiness comes over us as if we are walking into a haunted house. But what we found inside was an experience that hits all of the senses. 

RAW POP UP is pioneering the Interactive Art Movement (IAM). Comprised of an interdisciplinary team and network of global creators every pop up is produced in-house from conception to execution. RAW POP UP creates meaningful multisensory pop up experiences with lasting cultural impact. Every RAW POP UP experience is new and different, taking place in a temporary space only available to be experienced for a short amount of time. Each pop up is fueled by a new collective of creators that bring to life immersive installations. The creators’ messages are ready to be experienced and shared with the world.

Instillations from local Artists like, Alex Nuñez adorn the hallways of the old department store, Burdines. Performance artists make the space alive and vibrant making you question who is in on the show. At the exit, you are asked if you want to go home or to the Alt Future. You are guided to a space where musical acts Janelle Kroll, MNKYBSNSS, and La Vida Boheme moved the crowd encapsulating an evening filled with wonders to the all your senses. We hope RAW POP UP is here to stay as it is a feast and we want more.



Image curtesy of Raw Popup

Janelle Kroll

Photography by JC Rodriguez


Photography by JC Rodriguez

Alex Nuñez Pop Up

Photography by JC Rodriguez



Photography by Maria Rodriguez



La Vida Boheme

Photography by JC Rodriguez