The Watch:

Introduced in 1953, the Rolex Submariner is the ultimate everyday watch. Durable and beautiful, the Sub is the chosen watch of divers who desire a water resistant watch. With it’s Oyster-case and screw-down crown, rotating bezel, and luminous markers, it was made to be worn and beat up. There were water resistant watches before the Submariner, but it was the Sub that passed rigorous tests divers that made the watch the go to for the adventurers of the sea.









Arguably the most collected and copied watch model, ever. A watch with a history that goes back to the mid 50s diver. The watch first worn by James Bond (The Sean Connery Version), Ian Fleming wouldn’t have had it any other way. Innovative and a design that has seen little change from the original. The watch that we believe is to be the chosen watch if you were to only own one luxury watch. That watch is the Rolex Submariner.



Over the years the design has seen minor changes like the addition of the crown guards, which the original did not have, and now widened lugs and variety of dial changes. Still maintaining the original dot markers and most of the fonts. A watch that was one of the favorites of icons like Sean Connery and Steve McQueen, the watch still maintains an almost cult like following. Now the vintage versions of these watches are highly sought after. The more beat up they are, the better the story behind them, the more valuable they become. A watch that is used like currency, as it always maintains its value.


The Submariner is the most copied watch in history, but there is no match to the original. After 60 years, the Rolex Submariner is still the watch for those that want luxury and functionality at a relatively reasonable price.


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