Yasiin Bey, Born Dante Terrell Smith, and known as super rapper Mos Def, has released new music! One of our favorites of all time, Bey came to fame as part of the superstar duo Black Star along Talib Kweli. It’s been 10 years since his last release, and now we have the opportunity to listen to new music. 


His new album is called ‘Negus.’ The eight track album is not available to buy or stream. So how are you going to listen to the album? Negus is part of an art installation at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. In collaboration with artists Jose Parla, Julie Mehretu, Ala Ebtekar, and Bey himself, the music is combined with visual arts. You can listen to the album through headphones inside the exhibition. He tells Highsnobiety about creating “an environment that fosters a focused listening experience, as opposed to a hearing experience, and to couple that with a visual component.” The art and music installation will be around for 3 months. It includes 28 minutes of music with experimental elements. The music was heard by the visual artist Jose Parla in his studio in the process of creating the visual art that accompanies the sound. 


In other Bey news, Talib Kweli recently stated the latest Balck Star album is “done.” So we wait and anticipate more music coming from Bey. Recently on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Talib Kweli said “This project with Mablib is done. We are just trying to figure out when and how to release it.” We just can’t wait!


Brooklyn Museum Statement:


We present the U.S. debut of yasiin bey: Negus, a listening installation of yasiin bey’s latest studio recording, which will not be released in any digital or analog mediums. The Brooklyn premiere marks the 20th anniversary of bey’s Black on Both Sides, which is widely recognized as one of hip-hop’s most important albums.


Open November 15th, 2019 - January 26th, 2019


For more information:


Image by: Highsnobiety


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